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What is the cause of your kidney stone?


Today I went to a mineral metabolism specialist at UT tech and I had taken a report of my last urine test and levels. I told her that I already had my uric acid levels and they showed to be fine. Looking at my report, she wanted to check my blood calcium levels, from my urine analysis it showed to be on the high end but not over, and para thyroid gland, also she noted that my sodium and ph levels were kinda high. From these findings in my urine, she has sent for more blood work. When she checked me, she felt my thyroid gland in my neck and my reflux in my legs. She checked for and hit around the kidney area for pain. The doctor wants another 24 hour urine collection after I follow a low oxalate,low calcium, and low sodium diet for a week. I said even low oxalate with calcium phosphate stones, and they said yes. So, she sent me home with a list of foods, I can not have for a week. After a week on this diet, then I start the 24 hour urine collection.

below are my current levels in urine:
ph- 6.9
calcium-248mg day
phosphorus-1g a day
uric acid-566mg day
magnesium 63mg day
citrate-629 mg/day
creatinine-1.1 g/day
Today I received my bloodwork results but have not been over them yet with the doctor. my results are listed first followed by normal range that it should be. ( my results are below)
ELETROLITE PANEL                                                     Normal range below

SODIUM139                      135 - 145mmol/L
POTASSIUM, BLD3.7                      3.6 - 5.0mmol/L
CHLORIDE103                       98 - 109mmol/L
CO225                        22 - 31mmol/L
ANION GAP11                        6 - 16mmol/L


MAGNESIUM      2.0                     1.6 - 2.6mg/dL
BUN               15                     7 - 21mg/dL
CREATININE    0.80        0.60 - 1.20mg/dL
GFR NON AFRICAN AMERICAN>60              >60 -mL/min/1.73 m2
GFR AFRICAN AMERICAN>60              >60 - mL/min/1.73 m2
CALCIUM             9.4                    8.4 - 10.2mg/dL
PHOSPHORUS      3.1                      2.4 - 4.5mg/dL
INTACT PTH        45.5                   14 - 72pg/mL

 para-thyroid test and Vitamin D test results!

VIT D, 25-HYDROXY D2<4.0ng/mL
VIT D, 25-HYDROXY D3          26ng/mL
VIT D, 25-HYDROXY D TOTAL           26ng/mL

If you have had many infections in your kidneys as well as lithotripsys and now experience daily pain, but have no stones in your kidney, it could be scar tissue. My doctor at UT tech has diagnosed and seen the scar tissue in my left kidney from a cat scan, but is now doing a more in debt study with a renal exam scheduled for the end of august. I experience constant pain in my left kidney and couldnt get any doctor to believe me, until I visited the bigger hospitals in Dallas, where they seem to have more knowledge. The Renal Exam with lasix, studies the function of each kidney to see which kidney is doing more work and the kidney that may not be working as well.

I had a renal test that showed that my left kidney is doing 34% of the work and my right kidney is doing 66% of the work. I think that my kidney has been damaged because of past kidney infections and possibly my lithotripsys.
The mineral metabolism specialist found out that I have high calcium levels in my urine and placed me on Lozol, potassium, and 1000mg of Vitamin D per day. I take the liquid vitamin D sold over the counter.