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What is the cause of your kidney stone?

my symptoms

Before my stones were discovered..
Before I ever knew I had kidney stones, I kept getting recurrent UTI infections all the time. I would get a UTI infection about once and month, when my doctor finally decided to place me on macrobid antibiotic. The antibiotics never seemed to cure my pain completely, I still had a aching constant pain my back. Finally  my UTI, which I thought, was so bad that I was peeing straight red blood. I went to the gynocolgist thinking this was related, even though I was not on my period, he said he was pretty sure that I had a kidney stone and admitted me into the hospital. They did test and discovered that I had stones in both kidneys and the largest was 10mm.

Kidney stones Inside The Kidneys
Urologist will tell you that these dont hurt, until they start to travel, but I disagree. You can have a strong aching pain where your kidneys are and feel like they are bruised all the time.

Kidney stones on the move
you can fall to your knees the pain is so severe

Infected kidney stone
I was running a high fever, felt like I wanted to throw up, and had no energy.

Blocked Uretha or Stent
sometimes my ankles would swell, I would feel like my bladder was full but couldnt pee enough to feel empty. my vison would be blurry, felt dizzy, ran fever, wanted to throw up, no energy at all, extreme pain on side of stent or stones, ran high fever

Septic where infection can enter your blood stream
layed in bed for several days with no energy
I had a high fever,
completely drained no energy at all,
did not see blood in my urine,
felt like I wanted to throw up,
did not burn when I urinated,
my vision was blurry, and felt dizzy when standing.
Pain in my kidney area, because that is where the infection was coming from.
Fever would not come down with medicine.
( really this was hard to detect, I thought it was a simple urinary tract infection, but instead the infection was so bad it was septic)