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What is the cause of your kidney stone?

my story

I am from the south and live in Texas. I have been dealing with recurring kidney stones since 2005. I have had lithotripsy at least five times and have pulled out a few stents for myself along the way. My largest kidney stone was a 10mm, and I had many stones in each kidney, with my kidneys blocked off that I had to have litho immediatly, then my stent got blocked off. When my stent was blocked off, I was so weak and tired I couldnt even get out of bed to get in the hot tub, knowing I love my tub especially for stone pain. I was vomiting and didnt want to eat, and running a high fever. My husband took me to the ER and then I was placed in the hospital. The experience I had with kidney stones is the worst I ever had. They can cause an infection and you can get an infected kidney stone. If an infection goes on too long un-noticed then you might just find yourself septic in the ER, that has also happened to me once this year. I thought what was a UTI was nothing to really worry about. I was tired all the time, but didnt really think much of it. I did not burn when I went to pee, but one day I started hurting really bad and feeling like I wanted to throw up. I was taken to the hospital and was placed in ICU cause I was septic. Septic is when an infection can enter the bloodstream. I managed to get better and then came home. All my kidney stones have been calcium phosphate. Calcium Oxalate kidney stones are the most common, but what about the few percentage of us that have calcium phosphate kidney stones. For some reason, I havent found a Dr. yet that will tell me what causes these. I have had my uric acid levels checked and they show that they are normal. There is a hospital not far from my home in Dallas, Texas called UT SOUTHWESTERN and I have heard that they have been researching these kidney stones for causes. I have an appointment to see a mineral specialist and a urologist sometime this month.I have been seeing an urologist everytime these stones start to pass, but I have found out that a nephrologist will understand pain that the urologist doesnt, a mineral metabolism specialist will find out what is causing your stones, and any dr. can treat your pain. After my visit this month, I will post what they tell me here. Good luck on your journey in treating your own stones.


I had a renal test that showed that my left kidney is doing 34% of the work and my right kidney is doing 66% of the work. I think that my kidney has been damaged because of past kidney infections and possibly my lithotripsys.
The mineral metabolism specialist found out that I have high calcium levels in my urine and placed me on Lozol, potassium, and 1000mg of Vitamin D per day. I take the liquid vitamin D sold over the counter.