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Most of my journal is kidney surgeries and test..

Present:I have been hurting in my upper and lower back on my left side. I feel like my whole back in bruised. It feels like a constant pain. I have an appointment to see another urologist for a 2nd opinion.

11/27/16 ft shows stones in both kidneys

7/17/16 ct shows many stones in both kidneys
4/19/13 Ct Shows many stones and ovarian cyst 2 mm
4/16/16 Umbilical hernia/ Moderate Scarring of left kidney
2/25/13 Diagnosed with Addisons Disease- 0 cortisol
2/15/13 left kidney scar and many stones on CT
1/7/13 CT shows many stones in left kidney
12/31/12 UT Southwest Dr Margaret Pearl Referred to pain management for chronic pain.
5/23/12 Mineral Metabolism Specialist at UT Southwest diagnosed high calcium
4/2012 lithotripsy with dr pearl- UT Southwest
10/10/11 Kidney Function Test 34.41% left kidney 65.59% Right
Left kidney in upper normal bordering on mild parenchymal insufficiency 
9/13/2011 Ut Southwest Brook Zilinskas referred to pain management for left kidney chronic pain
8/04/11 Visited UT Tech and had a CAT scan that showed scar tissue, possibly from litho and infections, multiple left stones
7/21/11 Visited a Mineral Specialist ( Bloodwork Done)
5/18/11 Ovarian Cyst 1.9 mm
5/8/11  ER CAT SCAN(Found Multiple Stones 6 Total)in left kidney
02/25/11 Parital Hysterectomy Due to Ademeyosis
1/25/11 Voiding Test (Noted Large Bladder 750ml)
01/11/11 Laser Lithotripsy and Stent Placed in left kidney
12/29/10 ICU Septic Infection in kidneys
07/19/10 Stent Blocked Off ( changed stent) Occluded left ureteral stent
07/18/10 Admitted to ER sick with kidneys
07/12/10 Lithotripsy Treatment 3000 shocks
6/30/10 Stone composition -Calcium Phosphate 
06/29/10  KUB Test Done
06/14/10 (Cystoscopy, Right Ureteroscopy with stone extraction and stent placement)
06/12/10 ER CAT SCAN
2007 Shockwave Lithotripsy
2002  My Daughter Had Open Heart Surgery at Childrens ( she is healed) praise God..

If you are sick right now, viewing my webpage, you are in my prayers....God Bless.