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What is the cause of your kidney stone?


When I first started, my kidney stone was a 10mm, this is the notes from my urologist before one of my litho treatments. Because of an unknown cause, I keep developing calcium phosphate kidney stones. I am a patient now of a research hospital for finding an answer to what is causing these.

Lithotripsy, is where they use a laser to break up kidney stones. When you wake up from surgery, you may hurt a little, and be sore. You will likely have a stent inserted so that the stones will pass more easily and cause you much less pain. Stents do look scary but however, they did not cause me much pain at all. I did have a aching pain when my stent got clogged once from a litho treatment and have to have it replaced. However, I have had 5-6 litho treatments and this only happened once. I have also had a shockwave treatment that I would not recommend, because to me it was much more painful. I have searched and searched for reason why my body keeps making these and I am getting closer to my answer. More on that on my research page. You may have litho for a day surgery and go home the same day. If you do , they might send you home with pain meds. I would usually wear my stent for one week to allow all the stones to pass through, and then you go back in and get it taken out. Because I am very experienced with recurrent kidney stones, my doctor lets me take the stent out myself. This is not recommeded if you have never done this. It is painful and has to be okay with your doctor.  This is a pic of the stent and how it looks in your body.

You will need a strainer at home, to urinate through so that you can catch all the stones that pass through the stent.

these are stones that I caught in a strainer from one of my lithotripsys that was of a large stone, the stone color will depend on what type of stone you have, the different stones are struvite,calcium phosphate,calcium oxalate, uric acid, and cystine. Through lab work, it can be determined what type of stone you have. From there, they can find out what is causing them.

In my opinion, I do believe that lithotripsy has caused damage to my kidney. I have had 5 of these done and now my left kidney on functions at 34% and my right kidney 66%.
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