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July 3, 2011


experience with stents


  1. stents are uncomfortable yes. I have experienced two different kinds of urologist. One of them will not allow me to remove the stent myself and used tools at the office to remove them, and the other provided a string that I pull not after one week not to fast, but not to slow to take the pig-tail stent out after all the stones had a chance to pass through. The most painful way, was the doctor removing the stent. I would much rather remove my own stent from now on. the tools that were used, just make the pain much worse. It could of just been the doctor though.

  2. If you are running a fever at home with a stent, you prob need to go to the ER, because you could have a bad infection.

  3. the stent could also be blocked off too

  4. I hated the stent. It was two weeks of pure hell with no getting better. Couldn't sit because it felt like a bottle cap was stuck up my urethra, all I could do was lie flat or stand. I couldn't walk, it was terribly painful. Kidney spasms, bladder spasms, pain, pain, pain.

    The doctor removed mine and I was scared to death. It didn't hurt at all. It was undignified and not a pleasant experience for this modest person, though.

  5. I have had stents placed by different doctors and have found that when one of my doctors place them, that it is okay and not so uncomfortable, however when another doctor has placed a same sort of stent, it was pure hell and I could feel it, as with the other one not so much. I have been visiting a research hospital for possible causes of calcium phospahte stones and have more info at www.kidneystonesupport.com . The stent would be hell for a modest person. However, with all the litho treatments that I have had, I would definitely say that some doctors can put these in better than others. Some doctors are just way to rough. I have experienced one myself. It was a nightmare.

  6. I am a 61 year old male that recently had a stent placed between my kidney and bladder. I have experienced only minor discomfort with the main problem being a near constant need to urinate. I have found that sometimes I involuntarily dribble a little (pee in my pants) before I make it to the rest room. My solution was to buy some bladder guards to place in my underwear. However, I had a difficult time keeping the bladder guard in place. So, I got out my old jock stap, placed the bladder guard within it, and put it on. It works great.

    The evening after the stent was inserted I ate a full meal and drank a lot of liquids. Afterward I layed down for a while to rest. When I stood up from the nap I had a strong urge to go the the restroom. In fact, I couldn't "hold it" long enough and had a pretty major accident before getting to the rest room.

    What I learned was that while lying down I do not have the strong urge to urinate. It appears that, when I am lying down, the urine flows to the bladder where it collects, then rushes to exist when I stand up. So now, when I get up after lying down, I immediately head to the rest room to relieve myself. I have found that I have to do this several times throughout the night.

    I hope this is helpful to others.