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What is the cause of your kidney stone?

July 3, 2011



  1. I have had the shockwave therapy while under water, this was the most painful for me. When I woke up, I was so sore and wouldnt recommend this to anyone. The lithotripsy went alot smoother for me. Again, it could of just been the doctor also.

  2. I had 2 Shock Wave Lithrotripsy's in 2 weeks followed by Laser Lithrotripsy 2 weeks later. The Shock Wave was much better than most of what I read about.No Pain just some soreness, the 2nd one 2 weeks later was NO problem. Stents are the worst part but mine was NOT painful. It was a pain getting use to for 5 days, after the 2nd Shock wave and the Laser there was Zero stent problems as my body was use to it. Yes it does make you run to the bathroom 8-10 times per hour the first few days but it settles down to 2-4 times per hour. I am confident the Stent prevented a lot of discomfort passing stones and Fragments as I have passed well over 300 the last several weeks and never really knew it until they hit the strainer. After the Laser surgery this week there was severe burning for 2 days when urinating but just take your percecet and you will get through it. It was not even comparable to the pain of passing a stone! Don't know if I have had any lasting Kidney damages yet and I'm sure others experiences were not as comfortable as mine, although I never want to go through this again, if I do I will not be as concerned as I was before. It is doable.